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for a complimentary consultation? 

Extension Pricing

   Consultation over email, facetime, Whatsapp, or text is required to make sure we can work with what you got. Once we decide on a look 
a non-refundable retainer for the appointment is needed.  Everyone is different and I tailor the extensions to your specific hair needs I have most hair in stock but sometimes I need to special order lengths or wave patterns.
Here is some pricing for the most common requests.
If you are looking for VOLUME
if you love your length and style but would like to add fullness.
or fill out the front sides 
one time Haircost : $250-800+ depends on length 
Install:$225 (one Row)

if you want to add some LENGTH
go big with adding length to your hair. If your hair is just about shoulder length you can go all the way to 22inch and beyond  this is always a  minimum 2-row install  
Hair cost: $800-$2000
Install: $450 (2 Rows)
$575 (3 rows)

for super thick hair
A great option if you have thick and dense hair but need MORE of it 

Hair: $1,000-$2,000
Install: $450 (2 Rows)
$625 (3 rows)

After your first appt, you will need to visit every 7-15 weeks for a refresh.

Maintenance move-up : $170/Row 
not including color Move up color pricing done same day 
root touch-up with move-up $65
Partial highlights with move-up $95+
toner or gloss and root tapping $75+

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