Engagement season 2020~ wedding hair and wedding makeup

Updated: Jan 15

With the new year in full swing it brings the reality of planning your wedding. Its time to pick your venue and get your wedding day team set. With a million wedding timelines for you to download on the webs, you can timeline yourself crazy. I suggest you get a planner or have someone you know who is organized, very organized, to help you. This is for your hair and makeup. Once you set your deposit for your venue you should start looking in your area for the professionals that work with wedding photographers and really know about lighting, and how to apply the right makeup for lighting. A bad makeup job can ruin your wedding pictures, too much or the wrong type of makeup can lead to flashback and a "chalk like look". This goes for bridesmaids and moms. If your attendees do their own makeup let them know you are paying for the photographer and would like them to add to the pictures not take center stage with a bad makeup application. In our area we perform over 200 destination weddings a year, with a rural area you need to secure your date sooner than later. This goes for almost all destination wedding spots. I suggest contacting the professionals in your venue area 6 months before your date. You should hire professionals for hair, makeup, spray tanning and nails.

The Makeup trial:

If your everyday look is tinted moisturizer, mascara and a little tinted lip-balm you should pick a stylist who specializes in a natural look. You probably can get away without a trial run if the makeup artist has a full time wedding schedule. That said it is a good idea to "try" on your look and to make sure you are not allergic to the makeup or lash glue. You can get a good idea by looking at the wedding portfolio they have, and sending your looks to them. With most brides we find that they want to look absolutely their best self, glowing, smoothed out and ready for photos. Now if you are a makeup junkee, the never leave the house without my face on kind of bride you should definitely do a few trial runs. Trying out different styles of makeup artists can be fun if you get someone who has a style you like. Sometimes you can plan to tie it in with a night out or your engagement photos. Going into a trial is sometimes a little scary for those that are not used to wearing makeup at all. Go armed with photos of looks you are drawn to, they can just be ideas, and speak up about what you don't want. All the artists I have worked with want to make you happy, want to make you beautiful, and want to make you comfortable. If you don't feel comfortable don’t hire them, your gut feeling is always the best.

The Hair trial:

A good wedding hairstylist will give you a few looks to think about. Many times you want hair up then realize you are a hair down kind of person. Bring anything your are thinking about using on wedding day, extensions, hair jewelry ,veils ect. Come with clean dry hair we like to see what we are working with. Take a few photos of each look so you can look back later. You will find that sometimes just the placement of a bun or braid makes all the difference. When you find the right person put down that deposit and let them worry about the rest. The team will come fully equipped with everything to make sure your hair and makeup stays photo perfect all day and all night.

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