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Getting ready to glow on wedding day

Updated: May 14, 2019

It begins with the love you feel when you say YES to the proposal. Such an exciting and nerve wracking time. If you could wrap your head around using the engagement period as a time for you. Your health and skincare need to get ready to take a front seat. You will be way ahead of the game if you can quickly add some very easy ideas to your daily routine, producing the opposite effects of the stress and worries of planning a party of that size, with about a trillion decisions to make.

Keeping your adrenals happy and your skin hydrated it super important and it all starts from the inside. Getting that eternal natural glow needs

good sleep, good food, and balance. Look at some simple affordable ideas on this simple list.

1. Start taking vit D with k2 (m7type)

2. Get Gaba Calm mind tablets and keep it by your bed, in your car or at your desk'll love it! helps you turn off your brain chatter, helps you sleep or get rid of night time nervousness

3. Move your body. Go for a walk, lift weights, join a workout group... your choice.... Moving your body can fit into your busy schedule when you have a lot going on. While your on a phone call, try squats, plies, arm circles..... just move a little bit, it is an easy fix for stress reduction

4. Start cleaning your makeup off at night and sleeping with an amazing moisturizer. nothing is better than waking up with clean hydrated skin.

my favorite moisturisers are Osmosis* imerese or quench plus.

embryolisse* original

it's all about balance

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