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How to Grow and Color (dye) your own eyelashes


Yes you can grow and color your lashes. Most of us have looked into lash growth serum, they are not all created equal. I like the cosmeceuticals over the pharmaceuticals for the simple reason the cosmeceuticals don't leave your eyelid stained brown. My favorite is. neuLASH PROFESSIONAL Lash Enhancing Serum This professional-strength, advanced lash serum strengthens and revitalizes lashes for long beautiful, camera-ready results. Containing five bioengineered polypeptides, essential proteins, antioxidant vitamins, and rejuvenating, hydrating and conditioning botanicals, it encourages shiny, luxurious, longer-looking lashes. Fortified with Active Eyelash Technology® and WideLash® to help short, brittle, thin or sparse eyelashes become noticeably softer, lusher, and appear longer and thicker in as little as three to four weeks.

This is an easy application every-night right on the base of your lash. Most people cannot believe how full and long their lashes get. For less the price of one lash extension appointment you can easily grow your own. Very simple.

Coloring or Dying:

Color those babies! Some people are afraid of coloring their own lashes. If you can apply mascara you can do this. Some states in the US let estheticians (skin care pros) color lashes so you can ask your local facialist. If not save some money and DIY. If you have light lashes or long lashes that loose color at the fine ends, coloring your lashes is going to be your new favorite beauty hack. It takes about 15 minutes and lasts about 4 weeks. When you first start I suggest coloring every 3 weeks for the first two times. Then you can push it out to 4-6 weeks depending on your needs. It is amazing to wake up with nice dark lashes without the mascara coons and when you are swimming or working out still nice and dark. You can buy my lash color recommendation, its from the UK I have used many brands but this one by far it the best. Many have tried to copy but zena has been selling it for 50 years, just pointing out the obvious. Permalash by Zena cosmetics.

$75 for a full tube that lasts a very long time.

This application takes 15 -20 minutes

1. cover your eyelid around your lashes and under your bottom lash with Vaseline or coconut oil. Some heavy barrier so the dye does not get on your skin. Keep it off the actual lash.

2. mix permalash 1:1 ratio with 10 vol peroxide

3. apply to lash just as you were putting on mascara

4. Wait 10 -15 minutes

5. Wipe off with soft wet towel or cotton pad. keeping eyes closed, then wash with warm water and a little soap. That's it!

I hope this helped. If you have any questions just leave a comment below I check back at least once a week.

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