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Is Covid hair loss a thing?

The answer is yes.

If you are as vain as I am about the loss of hair keep reading. The risk of getting sick and ending up with long haul symptoms is one thing,

Unfortunately, now I am seeing my clients come in with severe hair loss due to having the covid virus. I did a little research and it is really a common side effect of the disease. Having clients in my chair asking for help lead me to a few articles on TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM. Yes is has a name.

Please be aware of the strange side effects that covid can bring, weigh out all the pros and cons of getting a vaccine. For me hair loss is way up there for a simple reason to not want to get covid. If you do have hair loss from getting covid it usually lasts about 3-6 months of intense shedding then slows down and starts to regrow. You can use a topical treatment like minoxidil but you should talk to your doctor about all the symptoms and how to fix them.

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