travel makeup case

Updated: Jan 5

I have tried so many makeup cases and this one at amazon is my favorite.... to date.

When I was working the Paris Fashion Week in February 2019 the amazing Makeup Artist Eileen Madrid @miss_madrid had this case and she loved it. I had to check it out. Here is a link if you want to check it out .

It has so much room and even packed full it is easy to carry. Any of you out there who travel to site for makeup and hair services, you will want to try it. I personally carry just my makeup in it. My hair tools are in a tiny carry on, that way when I need both I can quickly grab the case and pop it on the top. It is so much more convenient to work out of then other brands I have used. It is compact, and as you know sometimes space is a problem. Being organized it key when you have a job to do. I also like that it is not so deep that you lose your favorite bronzer at the bottom, and find it right where you left it after the jobs done. I do use a different case for my lipsticks, so it easy to hand over, they can see an array of colors all at once. That saves me time, and who doesn't like to look at lipstick colors.

that case is here.

I hope this helps and saves your backs from lugging heavy cases. I didn't think I could get everything I needed in it but truely it has so much room I love it.


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