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Why & How to book a trial run for your 2023 destination wedding

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

If you are the type that needs to have everything in order, it's a good idea to book with someone, in your venue area, to do a trial run on hair and makeup. It's a extra cost but worth it to make sure you and the stylist are a good fit. It is not necessary but you will work out most of the "what if" with this appointment.

1. It helps you get to know and be comfortable with your stylist.

2. You set a time to start hair and makeup wedding day that works into your morning

3. it allows the stylist to make the best choice when adding assistants to the day

4. Price is set and you know exactly what to expect

The trial run usually is some version of this..... you will have a consultation then do a few looks to see what you are most comfortable with. Face shape ,wedding dress, style of wedding everything should go into account. If you have the right stylist this can eliminate confusion and stress on wedding day. Which is great! Usually I start with a "natural look" then add a little more makeup so you can decide on wedding day what you would like. Hair can be styled up and down with a few pins to get ideas on what looks best on you. I like a few pictures of ideas from my bride from pinterest or the like. Also I like and a picture of you with your "regular" look so I can get an idea of what you look like on most days. I allow 2.5 hours for this appointment. Many brides arrange the trial run around engagement photos or for the Rehearsal dinner. Then they can get some great shots out of the investment. Every stylist does it different find the one that makes your life a little less hectic.

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