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number one question
"can I have extensions with thin hair and are they safe?"



You are not alone!

Many people suffer from thinning hair for many reasons. 

Standing behind my chair I deal with this question every day. 

Yes, they can be safe if applied with knowledge and the utmost care for your natural scalp and hair. If done correctly they can actually help your hair grow. I have a few clients that have worked with me and we work them out of extensions because the former hair loss stops after a good installation and care, and their hair begins to look good again. It usually takes some time but it works.  Hair thinning or loss comes from many different areas stress, hormones (post-baby hair), genetics or just sitting in the wrong chair and getting extremely chemically damaged or really bad hair extensions. You might have sides that just never grow out or that weird patch in the back that never seems to grow anymore.

 Nowadays you have affordable options.

  Extensions can help with many different scenarios and it doesn't have to add length it can just fix your

not-so-perfect hair. 

A single row of hand-tied extensions can fill your sides in or make that pony or bun super full just like the Instagram pictures. A full head of extensions can give you that amazing long full hair that is almost impossible to grow on your own. Everyone wants a little more hair even if its already long they want thickness.  

I have been doing extensions for 10 years and in (my professional opinion) Invisible Bead Extensions®️ and well-sourced hair are some of the answers to full bouncy lovely locks. I can use many methods lets figure out what works for you. 

♥️ A method that can keep your scalp and natural hair safe and healthy,

♥️ A extension that no one knows you have,

♥️ comfortable to wear no pulling , 

♥️and hair styled and colored to match your hair perfectly.

        Happy Scalp~ Pretty Hair ~Easy to Wear~  YES!

The invisible bead extension®️ method 

This method is so comfortable and the scalp is left super healthy so your hair continues to grow.  The "invisible" part allows you to wear your hair up in a top bun or ponytail and nothing, I mean nothing pokes out, so your secret is your secret.  The grow-out is also what sets IBE apart from the rest.  When you come back for a move up 2-3 months you are going to be impressed with how great your hair still looks, the growth of your hair, and the health of your scalp.  Say goodbye to tucking those tapes and tips in, popping beads and messy glue, and say hello to your new favorite way to wear your hair.

 The hair I use in the studio is Luxury grade: From European, Slavic to Brazilian straight or naturally curly texture.  I match your texture and color then I customize the cut to fit in with your natural hair.  

 feel your confidence bounce back and be walking around with the hair of your dreams

Having fine hair I am very in tune with the struggles of fine, thinning hair and am an expert on blending hair with the right color cut and length to make you feel 100%

Fill out my request form today for a free consultation and we can see if you are a good fit for the invisible bead extensions®️ 



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