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Fine hair and IBE®️ extensions a perfect match

Are hair extensions for me? I have fine hair that will not grow

The answer is YES! With the new advances in technology for hair products and the lighter stronger hair availability in 2022 you can give your fine hair the love it needs and wear it long.

I suggest one row of IBE®️ extension method with the very light hand-tied hair wefts or ultra strong genius wefts. This will fill in your length and sides and the track is extremely thin compared to the original machine-tied wefts that have been around forever. The weight of the improved hair wefts and the IBE®️ method is designed specifically for the health of your scalp and hair.

COST? one row of IBE®️ runs about $420-$600 depending on how many wefts are used, 3 is the minimum this cost includes the upfront cost of the hair and the installation.

Maintenance is $150 every 8-12 weeks

You can style your hair normally, wash it normally, and with IBE®️ no one will even know you are wearing them that's why we call them Invisible Bead Extensions.

If you want a free phone consultation please reach out and we can see if this method will work for you.


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