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How to care for Hair Extensions


  • Before washing, gently brush your hair from root to end.

  • While washing, be extra gentle with the weft connection . Simply scrub lightly in between the tracks.

  • In between shampoos, it is recommended to “top wash” your hair. This is done by taking the top section of your hair, above your first row, and washing and conditioning as normal. this will freshen up and extend your look.

  • Hard or well water can break down your extensions. We recommend getting a water softener or shower head filter. You can find a good one at home depot for around $35

  • Wash hair once or twice a week.


It is integral to be using products that are salon quality, paraben-free, and sulfate-free. Look for chemical names such as "methylparaben, propylparaben, any -paraben" ingredients. These chemicals are synonymous with preservatives; they tend to dry out your hair.

When buying products, ask your extensionist for their recommendation. Absolutely do not use Olaplex or any other "bond building" products on your extension hair it will destroy the hair very quickly. Also, stay away from products with high protein or added protein Extension hair loves moisture and hydration.

Shampoo: Look for a hydrating yet cleansing shampoo.

Conditioner: Look for a moisturizing and hydrating conditioner that is LIGHTWEIGHT. It is recommended to use a conditioner after every shampoo.

Hair mask: Use a hydrating hair mask once a week

Leave in conditioner: Apply a leave-in conditioner after every wash to help detangle and hydrate the extensions.

Heat protectant: Your extensions will react to heat just like your own natural hair.

Hydrating oil or cream: a must, as the extensions do not produce oil.

You may use all the common tools such as flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers etc. Avoid excessive heat which can dry out and/or damage the hair.


  • After showering, use a soft towel that won't snag your hair

  • Apply leave-in conditioner and oil.

  • Let your hair air dry 60-90 % of the way then, finish with blow-drying.

  • if you have curly extensions comb tangles out in the shower with the conditioner still in and a wide-tooth comb

  • Remember to never sleep with your hair wet.


  • Before brushing always use a finishing serum or oil. This will hydrate the hair and decrease breakage.

  • Brush your hair using a boar bristle blend brush, “wet brush” or wide-tooth comb. This will prevent tangling and pulling on the hair from the wefts.

  • Brush in sections to make sure your hair is brushed all the way up to the attachment area. Do not snag the beads/wefts; this can cause damage to your natural hair.

  • Failure to section and brush out thoroughly can lead to matting near the root.

  • Brush hair gently to avoid snapping the ends, which can cause the hair to shed prematurely.

  • Light shedding is normal.


Keep hair pulled back in a low ponytail or braid during sports and water activities.

  • If you are going in a swimming pool, hot tub, lake or ocean, remember to apply a leave-in conditioner PRIOR to going in.

  • Once finished, thoroughly rinse out or shampoo and condition your hair to clean the saltwater or chlorine from your hair.

  • DO NOT get any sunscreen on the extensions, this will discolor them and it is irreversible. (look for the ingredient Avobenzone and avoid sunscreens with this in it)

  • wear the shower cap when you are getting a spray tan especially if you are a blondie


The average hair growth is about 1⁄2” per month. Because of natural growth, the rows will need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks depending on the installation method.

On average the hair is replaced every 9-12 months.

If you have any further questions, please contact me here your stylist.

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